Fees & Charges

We can provide you with several easy payment methods. Prepay online or use our mobile EFTPOS Facility on the day. We can either email or post out your receipt immediately.

Fees will vary on the complexity of the survey undertaken, contact us for a quote.


Fees will vary depending on vessel types, operations and class of Vessel.

Safety Management System implementation, and training will be quoted as per the vessel operation and complexity.

Click on the link below to peruse AMSA regulations on Mandatory Safety Equipment for the National Standard for Commercial Vessels (NSCV).

Choose the survey class that appears on your certificate and ensure that you have the required safety equipment on board, which must be  IN DATE before the surveyor visits your vessel.

Book the survey at the CONTACT US page.

We will be in touch regarding how to prepare your vessel prior to the surveyor visiting you.

We will also provide you with some options on how to pay. Payment is required prior to the surveyor visiting your vessel. We also accept debit cards on the day of the survey through our mobile EFTPOS facility.

AMSA link to equipment lists

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Tutouring for Marine Engine Driving Courses

If you would like to seek help with MED 1 or MED2 courses, just make contact with Green Sea Survey to arrange a time and we would be more than happy to help you with Maths or general engineering  questions. We also offer a practice session for the final oral interview.